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Dragon Fantasy Book 1 coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita April 16

Developer Muteki Corporation's Book 1 of Dragon Fantasy — a game originally released for mobile devices, Windows PC and Mac — will come to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on April 16, Sony announced today.

The game first released in 2010 with 8-bit art and a sequel is currently in the works. The original game is being remastered for the PS3 and Vita, with 16-bit graphics, improved sound, a redesigned status system and a new dungeon. The game will support Cross-Buy and Cross-Save features.

The game will be available for $9.99 and for 20 percent off at $7.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Dragon Fantasy is an expansive Japanese-style role-playing game where the protagonist, Ogden, is modeled on developer Adam Rippon's late father — complete with baldness and a paunch. The game is based on a project that both Rippon and his business partner Bryan Sawler began in 1995, and was later resurrected in 2010 after Rippon's father passed away.

The original Dragon Fantasy: Book 1 for mobile devices, Windows PC and Mac can be purchased here.