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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon leaked gameplay footage is a retina burning laser show

Fifteen minutes of leaked gameplay footage of Ubisoft's neon first-person shooter Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, posted by YouTube user DiscoNachoPiggy, showcases retro-futuristic buildings, lasers and self aware humor.

According to DiscoNachoPiggy, the original uploader was MrCultux who later removed the video from their account.

Tutorial screens flash up control instructions for grenades and a self healing mechanic with nano-meds by pressing Y. Players can also level up their character to become "a bigger, badder cyber-commando" by earning cyber-points through killing bad guys, finishing objectives and stealing objects.

The footage was obtained when an exploit allowed users to download the game ahead of its May 1 release date.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was recently revealed via an Xbox Live Marketplace slip up as a standalone download title. The "'80s VHS vision of the future" was first teased by Ubisoft on April Fools day and screenshots of the game were revealed four days later. The game exists as an unadulterated nod to ‘80s culture of electronica, action movies, neon lights, robots, cheesy plots and big guns.