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Starseed Pilgrim arriving on Steam April 16

Droqen's 2D experimental platformer Starseed Pilgrim will arrive on Steam April 16 for Windows PC, Linux and Mac, the developer told Joystiq.

The logic game is currently available to buy now from its official site for $6 or for $10 as part of Droqen's Probability 0 and Friends four game compilation. It will be 25 percent off when it hits Steam.

Starseed Pilgrim received an Excellence in Design nomination for the 15th annual Independent Games Festival awards, which was won by FTL: Faster Than Light. According to Joystiq, all IGF 2013 nominees received Steam distribution deals.

With Starseed Pilgrim, Droqen contributed to the Experimental Game Design panel — a showcase of over a dozen unusual and unique games — during the 2013 Game Developers Conference.