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Spelunky designer says mobile is 'a very finicky business'

Spelunky designer Derek Yu believes that releasing a game on iOS and other mobile platforms feels like a lottery for a lot of game developers because of the cheap competition and finicky nature of the market, he told GamesIndustry in a recent interview.

"I think it's tough because that market does have so many games that are there to be cheap entertainment and make a lot of money," Yu told GamesIndustry. "That's just a difficult place to be for a developer who wants to make essentially a non-mobile style game for a mobile platform. It's just kind of intimidating. It's a very finicky business, too, in terms of what succeeds and what doesn't."

Mossmouth's Spelunky was released as freeware for Windows PC in 2012 and later updated for release on Xbox Live Arcade in July of the same year. The roguelike platformer will launch on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita this summer and will be ported by another developer.

For more information about Mossmouth and Spelunky, read our review of the game here.

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