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The Last of Us development video 'Wasteland Beautiful'

Naughty Dog developers discuss the creation process of The Last of Us' in-game environment in the second installment of the game's developer diaries, titled "Wasteland Beautiful."

"The Last of Us is a story of contrast. It has some pretty dark themes but they are juxtaposed against an aesthetic that we find very beautiful," said Neil Druckmann, creative director.

Phillip Kovats, audio lead, said: "The world, we decided, is its own character. What happens in the twenty years after the fall of man when no one is taking care of it, you think..."

"There is something really pretty about nature reclaiming its domain once we are gone," finished Druckmann.

The video gives players a glimpse of the team's collaboration process when creating The Last of Us' world. The team would often have impromptu meetings where they would collaborate one-on-one, "if you need something to get done, you go find that person and you go talk to them about it."

"The end product often ends up stronger because of that bouncing back off someone else gives you a result that you wouldn't have even thought of in the first place," said concept artist Aaron Limonick.

Extended cuts of The Last of Us development video series will be available on the game disc.

The Last of Us set for a June 14 release on PlayStation 3.

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