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Patent troll Lodsys sues Gameloft and Disney for use of in-app purchases

Texas-based company Lodsys is filing a suit against a number of mobile game developers including Gameloft, Gamevil and Disney, stating they are infringing on patents that make use of technology behind in-app purchases, Ars Technica reports.

Lodsys is well-known for its patent lawsuits filed largely against small-scale iOS developers. In 2011, Apple finally intervened, arguing that because it already licensed Lodsys' patents this made claims from the Texas company unnecessary.

However, Lodsys is continuing to file lawsuits against new targets. Despite Apple's intervention, it has not protected developers from being forced into expensive and lengthy legal battle.

The lawsuit targets in-app purchases for Gameloft's Real Soccer 2012 and Disney's Where's My Water? The Electronic Frontier Foundation is aiding those who are looking for legal help in the fight against the company by posting information about the lawsuit available here. The case is scheduled to go to trial this October.

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