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TimeGate reveals Minimum, a minimalistic shooter coming to Steam

TimeGate Studios, developer of the FEAR series and co-creator the recently released Aliens: Colonial Marines, revealed its next project today: A blocky, multiplayer PC shooter titled Minimum.

The game, which is depicted in the debut trailer posted above, is a free-to-play action game which will launch on Steam "soon," according to the video. According to the game's FAQ page, Minimum will feature a wide variety of weapons, from "an exploding ice-sniper to burning dual-wield katanas," all of which can be powered up on the fly by defeating other players. A straight deathmatch mode appears to be shown in the trailer, but the highlight of the game is Titan Mode, in which players must support their team's giant brawler as it squares off against the opposing team's champion.

Check out the video above to get a feel for the game's minimalistic art style. Though Minimum does not have a proper release date, its FAQ page promises that admission to its alpha test will be available April 16 through Steam's Early Access Channel.