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Next PlayStation Vita update adds folders to sort games and apps

The 2.10 update for PlayStation Vita adds a new folder system that will allow users to organize games and apps through up to 10 icons per folder, SCEA director of product planning and platform software innovation Don Mesa announced via PlayStation Blog.

With the new system in place, up to 100 applications can be stored on the Vita's home screen. Additionally, the update adds support to play videos in browser, the ability to view email HTML messages and attach multiple contacts, and a new "mute automatically" option for the Vita's speakers, which will mute the handheld whenever headphones are unplugged. PlayStation Plus members will have the ability to update their PlayStation Mobile software automatically, as well as upload save data through a 3G connection.

No release window for the update was revealed in the PlayStation Blog post. Instructions on how to update the Vita will be available when the patch is live.

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