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Microsoft rumored to end Kinect Sesame Street TV video games

Microsoft is reportedly discussing the possibility of ending its Kinect Sesame Street TV video games, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In Kinect Sesame Street TV, kids can interact and learn with different Sesame Street characters. WSJ has apparently spoken with "people familiar with the matter," who say that a lack of demand for the games is the root of the discussion. According to one source, some of the problem stems from children having trouble navigating the Xbox 360's startup screen on their own.

Microsoft declined to confirm or deny this claim, telling Polygon that it does "not comment on rumors or speculation."

Kinect Sesame Street TV launched in September 2012. Along with Kinect Nat Geo TV, it was part of Microsoft's attempt to create interactive TV programs for families to watch and play along with. Xbox Entertainment Studios was created largely for this purpose; the 125-person studio focused on creating "true interactive content," such as the Elections 2012 hub that aired during presidential debates.