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Twofivesix conference to feature Tim Schafer, Rod Humble and Dan Connors

Kill Screen's upcoming Twofivesix conference will be held in Brooklyn on May 11 and feature speakers Tim Schafer (founder of Double Fine Productions), Rod Humble (CEO of Linden Lab) and Dan Connors (CEO of Telltale Games) among others, according to the official website.

The one-day conference will explore what the video game industry can teach other industries and what other industries can teach those who create video games. It's "devoted to the spaces between games, play, interaction and creativity," according to Kill Screen founder Jamin Warren.

"When we started Kill Screen, we wanted to show the world why games matter," the Twofivesix website reads. "We think an integral part of this story lies at the intersection between video games and the rest of the world. Games are a lens to view life in a new and fantastic way. We believe games have a lot to teach culture and culture has a lot to teach games."

Representatives from the Museum of Modern Art, Kickstarter, Facebook and more will also be in attendance. You can check out the video above to see Warren explain the vision behind the conference and reveal the classic arcade game from which it takes its name.

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