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Terry Cavanagh's lost projects include a dance RPG and first-person shooter

Last month, indie dev and VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh posted a short Vine clip featuring several cancelled projects, including a dance-based role-playing game and a first-person shooter, Joystiq reports.

The dance RPG, which plays first in the Vine clip, was short lived.

"You went around this big town with lots of different nightclubs, learned some cool moves and go into dance offs," Cavanagh told Joystiq. "We only worked on it for a couple of days."

As for the shooter, Cavanagh said that though the game began as "purely a mechanical thing," it was quickly taken over by story inspiration.

"Which is why it's not finished — even though I love story driven games, writing is by far the hardest part of this whole game development thing for me," Cavanagh said. "Like, I remember spending three weeks agonizing over the 18 lines of text in the first version of At a Distance — by the time I released the game I just took them out completely."

The developer did reveal that the game with the pink-haired girl, also featured in the Vine clip, is still in development and will be finished "someday, probably."

You can read about Cavanagh's other lost projects, including 2013's ill-fated Nexus City, over at Joystiq.