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Sissyfight 2000 co-creators attempting Kickstarter resurrection

Sissyfight 2000, a browser game starring grade school girls that gained popularity in the late 90s, could be headed for a comeback as an open source game, if its creators' Kickstarter project receives funding.

Ranjit Bhatnagar, Naomi Clark and Eric Zimmerman, three of the turn-based strategy game's original developers, are seeking $20,000 to rebuild the game, which pits schoolgirls against each other in a battle for popularity, using modern technology.

"With your help, we will re-code the game for today's browsers and mobile devices and make it available for free online," the Kickstarter page reads. "Just as exciting, we will also release all of the code, sound and artwork under open source licenses: the MIT license for the code, and a Creative Commons license for all the other content that makes up Sissyfight. We're not only bringing back an important piece of Internet culture and game history — we're making a really fun game available for everyone to play, use, and remix into whatever they want."

As of this writing, the project has secured $7,355 for 114 backers with 29 days remaining. Pledge tiers begin at $5, which will secure backers' names on the game's website. Other tiers allow backers to reserve an avatar name ($15), earn avatar accessories ($25) and more. You can check out the video above to see the team give its pitch.

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