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Monaco dev would rather fans be disappointed than upset

Founder of Pocketwatch Games, Andy Schatz, says he would rather have fans crestfallen by Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine's delayed Xbox Live Arcade release, than irate from receiving a broken product, according to an interview with Edge Online.

"I think there's a difference between being upset and being disappointed," Schatz told Edge Online. "That comes down to the key point where if we had released the game in a state where a bug really broke it for 4-player matches, people wouldn't be disappointed, they'd be upset. And rightfully so, because they paid money for a game that doesn't work. I'd rather have disappointed fans than upset fans."

The XBLA version of the action-stealth game was expected to launch on April 24 alongside the Steam release. Unfortunately, the console version was delayed a day before its launch when the developer discovered a bug that disconnected online play.

A fix was provided to Microsoft when it was first discovered and a second fix was required over the weekend which will be submitted this week. According to Pocketwatch, it won't be able to provide a solid XBLA launch date until there is a confirmed fix.

For more information about Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, be sure to read our review and our feature on Pocketwatch Games.

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