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CD Projekt Red accidentally releases The Witcher 2 RedKit development tool early (update: coming Monday)

CD Projekt Red inadvertently let the upcoming RedKit mod tool files for The Witcher 2 go live for a short period of time, allowing users fast enough to download the files before they were pulled by the company, according to a post on the The Witcher's official forums.

CD Projekt Red community manager Marcin Momot apologized in the forums for any confusion caused and said the files will be officially released soon.

"We were running some tests on the website and it went public for a brief moment. Those of you who have downloaded the RedKit files — have fun — they are official so don't worry!," he wrote. "Also, feel free to use the instruction posted by Kodaemon since it's legit as well."

The tool will allow users to modify the game's features, such as terrain, vegetation, camera angles, the world environment, lighting, script dialogue, global fog, cloud shadows, NPCs, and quests. For information about the development tool, please read our interview with lead designer Marek Ziemak, where he discusses the possibility of user-made Cyberpunk mods and designs.

Update: Momot advised that the RedKit open beta will launch on Monday.

"Also, we took down the links because of poor performance," Momot wrote. "We will replace them with the new ones at the moment of the release. Please enjoy the weekend and see you on Monday when the modding begins!"

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