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WildStar dev diary demonstrates the value of double jump, dash and sprint

The latest Wildstar dev diary demonstrates the basic movements of double jump, dash and sprint, and their in-game applications.

As outlined in the video, double jump, when used in conjunction with sprint, comes in handy to access difficult items. Dash, for instance, is instrumental in situations such as dodging out of the path of giant laser-belching worms. Players must also be wary of their sprint meter, lest they find themselves out of puff in inopportune moments.

WildStar entered a closed beta last month that will last for "several weeks," where players will have the opportunity to check out the game's classes, factions and races. WildStar is expected to launch later this year for Windows PC.

For more information about WildStar, please read our interview with executive producer Jeremy Gaffney where he discuss what sets Carbine Studios' upcoming stylized title apart from other MMOs.

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