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SimCity update 3.0 tweaks traffic, fixes bugs and adds more hotels

The latest update for SimCity went live earlier this week, bringing with it a handful of bug fixes, more tweaks to the traffic and 24 new types of hotels to host visiting Sims, according to a post on the game's official blog.

Further improvements have been made to the traffic routing system, which saw a bit of trouble earlier in the year. According to the post, the system now "understands more information" regarding u-turns, required vehicle stops and certain vehicle behaviors on different road types, aiming to present a more smooth traffic flow and make traffic "smarter." Industrial and commercial building types will now stagger their work shifts, which should also reduce traffic.

Vehicles can now make right turns at red traffic lights if possible, and a bug that made cars randomly stop and block traffic has been fixed.

More tweaks have also been made to city maintenance features. Sewage will take a more direct route to each region's sewage plant instead of flowing freely throughout the city, and the Ferry Terminal can now send its own sewage directly through an output pipe to the plant. Bulldozing an abandoned building or rubble will prevent players from setting up new buildings on the site for six to 12 hours, and an issue preventing moving trucks from reaching certain buildings, leaving them permanently abandoned, has been fixed.

Other small additions include trees lasting longer, allowing university pedestrian paths to cross main streets, the addition of more "snap points" for placing objects and fixes for bugs that allowed buildings to stack on top of one another.

A full list of changes with update 3.0 is available on the SimCity blog.

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