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Resident Evil: Revelations demo launching May 14

A demo for the console and Windows PC versions of Resident Evil: Revelations will be available May 14, one week before the launch of the game, publisher Capcom announced yesterday.

There's no word on what the demo will contain, but it will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network in North America, Steam and the Wii U eShop on May 14, and the next day on the European PlayStation Network.

The upcoming high-definition port of the 2012 Nintendo 3DS title will add new playable characters (Hunk and Rachel) and new enemies. The Wii U version will include console-specific features such as off-TV play on the GamePad and Miiverse functionality.

Resident Evil: Revelations will be released May 21 on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U for $49.99. You can check out a new developer diary below in which Capcom explains how the port offers a different experience even to people who played the original 3DS game.

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