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Watch Pokemon Red as a half hour ballet performance

Creighton University student Andrew Plotner has transformed 1996 Nintendo Game Boy title Pokemon Red into a 30 minute ballet, and posted a video of the performance on his YouTube channel.

Plotner's ballet includes the most critical elements of the game: choosing your starter Pokemon, parting with Professor Oak and battling with other trainers. The ballet takes viewers to some of the more well-known places on the map, including Lavender Town, and includes familiar faces like Nurse Joy and Team Rocket — with a special appearance by a glitch-inducing Pokemon along the shores of Cinnabar Island.

Plotner, who is studying chemistry and dance at the university, is dancing in the role of Gary Oak. The dancers commit themselves pretty hard to the tribute, as dancers representing Pokemon scratch and flail at each other in "combat."

Watch the full performance, which took place at Omaha's Creighton Lied Arts Center, above.

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