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The Realm update shows butterfly-collecting, flute-playing bonus features

In a new Kickstarter update, The Realm technical director Tom Szirtes walks players through potential features that Atomhawk and Lantern Interactive plan on adding to the point-and-click adventure game if it reaches enough funding on Kickstarter.

The first is an optional collection sidequest in which players must find and collect hidden butterflies, which are only revealed by solving puzzles in certain ways. One example, says Szirtes, is that there might be a bolder on the ground that stone golem Toru can smash or lift in order to get out of the way. Smashing it, however, would destroy the butterfly hidden beneath it.

The second bonus system is Sarina's flute. By playing certain melodies on a flute she discovers in the wilderness, Sarina can activate different powers. Different melodies would be linked to different abilities, and certain powers would be hidden as Easter eggs.

The Realm currently sits at £59,688 ($91,645) pledged of its £195,000 ($303,459) goal with 11 days remaining. If it reaches its funding goal, the game will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs.

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