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Gears of War: Judgment's second Maxim-sponsored DLC map, Dreadnought, hits May 15

Gears of War: Judgment players will be able to download the game's second Maxim-sponsored multiplayer map, Dreadnought, on May 15 for free, co-developer Epic Games announced today.

Maxim previously brought Judgment players a new map and mode in late March.

Dreadnought will be playable only in the game's Overrun mode. It takes place on the CNV Pomeroy, a beached ship that had been sailing on the underground rivers of the Hollow. Locust hordes storm the vessel in an attempt to rescue captured Berserkers that the COG are transporting to a research facility.

According to Epic, the DLC will only be free "for a limited time." The first Maxim-sponsored content remains free at this time.

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