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Warhammer Quest guides tiny titans through turn-based top-down tablet tactics

Mobile game developer Rodeo Games has released a video showing dungeon crawling in its official turn-based Warhammer Quest.

In the video, a quartet of Warhammer heroes — the Dwarf Ironbreaker, the Maurader, the Gray Wizard and the Wood Elf Waywatcher — venture through tiny, winding tunnels and fight goblins while a pair of Rodeo developers explain the action. As with most mobile games, Warhammer Quest is completely touch-controlled, with taps moving your warriors and commanding them to act in turn.

The developers also answer fans' questions while walking viewers through the gameplay. At least three more Warhammer heroes have been announced as day-one DLC: the High Elf Archmage, the Dwarf Trollslayer and the Warrior-Priest. There will be randomly-generated dungeons as in the tabletop version of Warhammer Quest, but players will not be able to see dice rolls like they would on the table.

The game is planned to take 25 to 30 hours to play through, and while the developers would like to include multiplayer there are no plans to do so right now. It will also have a hardcore permadeath difficulty setting in which a character dying will remove them and their loot from the current game forever.

Warhammer Quest is planned for a release on iPhone and iPad later this year.