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Fez and Minecraft assets swiped by iOS game Ace Block Jump

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Developer Polytron found its Fez art assets appropriated — alongside art from Mojang's Minecraft — in the recently published iOS game Ace Block Jump, a $0.99 app from a developer that also appears to have borrowed its very name, Infocom Games, from someone else.

Ace Block Jump is described as a "pixel based shooter game" in which players seemingly shoot Minecraft-like versions of Street Fighter's Blanka, the Power Rangers and Robin from DC Comics. "The first action game, in which we mixed PIXEL and MINECRAFT style ( PIXELCRAFT )," Infocom Games writes on iTunes. "The most exciting and amusing game ever, specially in this new style."

Infocom Games' previous iOS titles include Block Craft: Iron Ops and Ace Combat: Block Sniper, games done in the Minecraft visual style that borrow characters from Iron Man and Assassin's Creed.


Additional screenshots of Ace Block Jump, which show its creators also swiped Minecraft's logo, are available at iTunes.