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Hawken trailer details new symmetrical map Facility

The latest trailer from Hawken, Adhesive Games' mech-based first-person shooter, includes tour of Facility, a symmetrical map set deep within the Heidron District.

The trailer, which you can watch above, is narrated by level designer Tyler Buser. According to the video's description, Facility's main structure lies within the map's heart. The central chamber includes several entrances and exist for concealment and escape, and the facility's front missile silo includes "an exposed battlement that is a favorite of Rocketeers."

"The missile silo's triangular layout ensures that no capture point is ever to far to engage, nor too safe to leave undefended," Buser says. "... Though dangerously exposed and uncertain, taking the high point is possible with a direct approach and brute force."

Hawken's Facility update also introduces several gameplay, interface and customization improvements. Read the full list here.

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