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BattleBlock Theater offering Mother’s Day prisoner Rose for one week

In celebration of Mother's Day, BattleBlock Theater players will be able to grab a special prisoner by the name of Rose, The Behemoth announced via Play XBLA.

"This Sunday we celebrate the hard work of mamas everywhere — baby mamas, sugar mamas, soccer mamas, etc," the announcement reads. "And what better way to celebrate than to let a new prisoner out of their cage, just like mama did when we were good."

Players need only log onto their Xbox Live accounts and play the full version of BattleBlock Theater in order to access Rose. Rose will be available until May 16.

Players previously had the chance to pick up Toast, Behemoth Chicken, Winston, Donuts and Furrbottom by completing Furrbottom Features playlists. After a character becomes locked up, players must wait an unspecified amount of time to grab them again.

BattleBlock Theater launched for Xbox Live Arcade April 3. Check out our review here.

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