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Pokemon X and Y region revealed, four new Pokemon detailed

A new issue of CoroCoro Comic features details on four new Pokémon and Karos, the region Pokémon X and Y will take place in, Gematsu reports.

The Karos region's main city is Miare City, which features a structure similar to the Eiffel Tower. This region will include newly revealed Pokémon Yancham, Yayakoma, Elicitel and Gogoat. Yancham is reportedly a fighting-type Pokémon, and Yayakoma is a normal/flying-type. Elicitel is an electric/normal-type, while Gogoat is grass-type Pokémon.

Players will also reportedly be able to choose their skin and hair color from limited options, a first for the series.

Pokémon X and Y are expected to launch for Nintendo 3DS in October and will not reboot the franchise. Previously revealed Pokémon include an unnamed Mewtwo-like character and a new evolution of Eevee.