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Sega Pluto protoype auction ends at $15,500, reserve price still unfulfilled

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Sega Pluto prototype owner Roger Vega (kidvid666) is still unable to find a high-enough bidder for the console, with his most recent auction attempt ending at $15,500.

Eighty-nine bids were placed during the auction, none of which met the reserve, or minimum price. As such, Vega isn't obligated to sell the console and could attempt another auction.

A former Sega employee revealed the alleged Sega Pluto prototype last month. The 14-year-old console is apparently a variation of the Sega Saturn and includes a built-in NetLink Modem. Shortly after the appearance of the first Pluto, Vega told Destructoid that he'd apparently picked up the second protoype several years ago for $1 at a flea market.

Vega attempted to auction the console last month over at Game Gavel. Bidding rose to $7,600, but also failed to meet the auction's reserve price.

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