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Alice: Otherlands will allow Alice to use her powers 'for the greater good'

Alice: Otherlands, Spicy Horse Games' proposed third title in the Alice series, could see the titular character venturing into the minds of others and fighting for a "greater good," American McGee wrote on the game's Facebook page.

McGee addressed several questions about the new title, which Spicy Horse is currently attempting to obtain the rights for. According to McGee, American McGee's Alice was about battling emotional demons and psychological issues, while Alice: Madness Returns was the battle for a physical domain. Alice: Otherlands will tie these two themes together.

"The third chapter in this story will find Alice combining together these ‘powers' and able to travel into the minds of others," McGee wrote. "This sort of arc is quite common in hero's journey narratives. Joseph Campbell outlines this in several books on the topic. Films like Star Wars and The Matrix also feature heroes traveling this same path of psychological and physical challenges towards ultimate mastery of themselves and the environments they occupy."

According to McGee, now that Alice has "mastered the psychological and physical domains," she can use her powers for good.

"Again, check out Luke in Star Wars or Neo in The Matrix," McGee wrote. "You'll see they undergo similar journeys — initial resistance and pain, then mastery and finally they are seen using their ‘power' to save not only themselves but those they care for."

Spicy Horse is currently looking for a cosplayer resembling Alice for an upcoming Kickstarter video. If the developer hasn't received a definite answer about the game's license by the end of May, however, the team will continue with an alternate Kickstarter campaign based on the Wizard of Oz.

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