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The Legend of Zelda inventory recreated using a 3D printer

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Hyrule Foundry, a blog dedicated to the Legend of Zelda universe and 3D printing technology, shared photos of The Legend of Zelda's item collection, recreated through the use of a 3D printer.

The full set features 32 items, including rupees, a boss key, swords, boomerangs and bombs. In a post detailing the collection, the set's creator wrote about how each item "brought back a flood of memories" from playing the game as a child.

"Each time I had collected each of these items from their various hiding places and dungeons I had wanted to hold them, and now finally I could," the post reads. "I held the wooden sword in my hand and I said, ‘this is it, the sword that started it all, the very first sword that we witnessed Link yielding.' I was satisfied with the results and was ready to share them with you, my fellow Zelda fans."

You can view a handful of the collection items above, or check out the video below for a size comparison. Hyrule Foundry is currently selling each item separately or in various sets.

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