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Google Play Games allegedly leaks, features multiplayer, cloud saves and achievements

Upcoming Google Play Services v3.1.36 update will include a new platform called Google Play Games, introducing new features such as cloud saves, multiplayer and achievements, according to Android Police who obtained the leaked file ahead of the official roll out.

According to the website, Google Play Games will also allow matchmaking, in-game chat, leaderboards, invitations, icon badges and lobbies.

Through the Play Games Settings, players will be able to control game notifications and manage who can send notifications. Leaderboards can be displayed by time, week, daily, all time, player centered and filter by people in G+ circles. And synced game saves will be a function alongside the already established Gmail and Calendar syncing options. Additional details on Google Play Games are located on Android Police.

The platform is expected to be officially unveiled at Google I/O, the annual Google-hosted developer conference held in San Francisco on May 15 to 17. Google I/O features numerous game-centric sessions, such as What's New in Google Play Services, Advanced Game Development Topics, New Developments in Mobile Gaming, Mobile Multiplayer Made Manageable, Level Up Your Android Game and Intense Gaming (under the Google Cloud Platform track.)

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