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Get lost with Google Maps-based game GeoGuessr

Developed by Anton Wallén, GeoGuessr is a Google Maps-based game that sets the player in a random locale in the world and, by navigating with Google Street View, the player must work out where they are.

The player guesses their location by posting a pin on the map and greater accuracy awards higher points. Each game consists of five rounds of getting lost and deducing the global position. Players are given the option to share their final score on social media at the conclusion of each game.

According to the GeoGuessr Twitter account, new features currently in development include competitive play with the same locations and a "return to start button." The last update introduced better randomization, "less Australia," increased points for close guesses and general bug fixes.

Using a Javascript library called Backbone and Google Maps API version 3, the game was created as a Chrome Experiment to "investigate the possibilities that the Google Maps API v3 offers." There are currently more than a hundred Chrome Experiments games, including World Wide Maze, an app that turns any website into a 3D Marble Madness-like level.