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Survival horror game Damned lets you team up as the hunted or become the hunter

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9heads Games Studios' in-development survival horror game Damned emphasizes its "survival" elements, giving players the opportunity to team up as a group of people in danger or take the role of the monster hunting them down.

According to the game's Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight pages, Damned is a "randomized online horror game" in which five players -— four as "survivors" and one monster — are locked inside a haunted hotel. Survivors are tasked with finding a way out and keeping each other alive. The monster haunts, stalks and can eventually kill the survivors, as well as trigger noises and events to mess with them as they try to escape.

The developer explains the game is "randomized" in that it that most play elements are randomly generated. This includes object placement in stages, the items players will find and where they will be and events triggered inside the hotel. The final objective to escape the hotel will also be randomized: 9heads writes that players' tasks will change from each play-through, and could be anything from having to power an elevator or find the keys to unlock certain doors.

9heads writes that Damned will explore feelings of being "defenseless against a powerful supernatural force." Survivors can't affect the monster in any way; they can only hide or flee.

Stretch goals on the Damned Indiegogo campaign include additional survivors to play as, new monsters for players to choose from, more floors for the haunted hotel and additional game modes.

9heads is asking for $54,000 in funding to complete development on Damned. At the time of writing the campaign has collected $496 with 50 days remaining.

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