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Triple Town developer reveals puzzle roguelike Road Not Taken

Road Not Taken, a puzzle game "about life and loss" which features roguelike elements, is the next project from mobile game developer Spry Fox, according to the studio's latest blog post.

Spry Fox's lineage includes mobile hits like Triple Town and Steambirds: Survival, however, the platforms for Road Less Traveled were not announced alongside the game. It is inspired by the Robert Frost poem with which it shares (most of) its name, possessing mechanics "reminiscent of an evergreen roguelike." Details about how the game is played also weren't provided in the blog post, but a few seconds of in-game footage can be seen in the announcement trailer above; as can the game's graphical style, created by Glitch art director Brent Kobayashi.

According to a tweet from Spry Fox's Twitter account, Road Not Taken will launch "around the end of this year."

Update: Spry Fox reached out to Polygon to confirm that Road Not Taken will launch on Windows PCs via Steam, and will come to tablets and mobile after that. The development team is also considering a console release, but is still deciding on plans for that front.

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