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Take-Two CEO looks to efficiency and marketing during the next-gen transition

Take-Two Interactive sees a combination of quality titles, operating efficiency and marketing as the pillars of success and profitability during the costly transition to next-gen consoles, CEO Strauss Zelnick said in an earnings call today.

In response to a question about the increasing development expenses for next-generation consoles, he acknowledged that new platforms have been historically synonymous with increased costs, but said that Take-Two's efficiency can help mitigate the disruption.

"One of the three tenets of our strategic approach here is efficiency, and we aim to be the most efficient company in the business," Zelnick said. "And that includes development spending, so that's a major area of focus to us.

"Our goal is to deliver the highest quality titles and to market them as effectively — if not more effectively — than anyone else.".

Take-Two's marketing focus applies both to older games like those that were large contributors to net revenue in the fourth quarter, alongside newer games like BioShock Infinite and the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5.

"Every time we release a major title, we have to innovate. Basically, when we market something in an innovative way, the industry takes notice. And frankly, when our competitors do, we take notice.

"We have some tricks up our sleeve going forward. I'm not going discuss them today. You'll see them as they unfold, but marketing is obviously a crucial part of what makes us successful as we have been and intend to continue to be."

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