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New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl trailer shows off medic Simon's healing powers

A new Japanese-language trailer for Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl introduces team medic Simon and the healing proficiency he brings to the team.

Millennium Girl is a more story-driven rework of the first Etrian Odyssey game — in the original title the characters were defined solely by their classes such as Landsknecht, Ronin or Alchemist. The trailer shows some cutscenes consisting of character portraits and some limited voice work.

As with the original Etrian Odyssey and the many classic RPGs it took inspiration from, battles in Millennium Girl are turn-based and fought from a first-person perspective.

Announced in March, Etrian Odyssey hits Nintendo 3DS in Japan on June 27. Release dates for other regions have not yet been announced.

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