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Skullgirls color DLC available now, adds new costume color choices

Skullgirls' character color packs were released today, adding four new color palettes to the game's character costumes, Lab Zero Games CEO Peter Bartholow announced via the PlayStation Blog.

Color packs are available separately for $1 each or as an 8-pack bundle for $5. Those who purchase the bundle will also receive a fifth bonus color. According to Bartholow's post, the color schemes should "seem awfully familiar," as they were created based on fan feedback.

Fan feedback has accounted for much of the game's character DLC so far, including the most recent, Eliza. Voting for the game's fourth free downloadable character will be completed later this week.

Bartholow also announced that the developer will hold a Skullgirls tournament at Evo 2013 in Las Vegas. Pre-registration is open now.

Zero Lab Games recently said that a Skullgirls Release on Wii U "isn't looking likely" unless the console's sales and "digital presence" improve.

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