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Star Citizen's abandoned colony on Orion 3, aka Armitage, revealed

Cloud Imperium revealed the concept art and key player areas for the former colony on Orion 3, aka the planet Armitage, for its Kickstarted space sim Star Citizen.

According to the website, Armitage is the furthest human settlement away from Earth and was so vulnerable that it was one of the first targets of the Vanduu. The concept art shows an aerial view of the settlement, fighter docking bays and a sparsely populated cityscape.

The post outlines the settlement's key areas where players will visit, including an abandoned repair shop called the The Bay and a drinking hole and criminal info trading establishment called the Lost Horizon. The Bay offers players ship repairs, refueling and limited ship modifications, while Lost Horizon offers a local meeting place and criminal infoagents.

Three concepts of each location were created by artists and the Cloud Imperium team will choose their favorite of the three to develop.

"This is VERY early work; after we select a direction from these options, we will hand the art over to level builders who will create the actual environment inside the CryEngine," the update reads. "In the coming months we will be sharing with you that process, so you can follow level creation from these early steps to the finished game."

Star Citizen is scheduled for release in late 2014 for Windows PC.