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Remember Me interactive journal is a glimpse into the century before the game

Capcom's latest promotional site for the upcoming Dontnod-developed Remember Me is an experimental interactive journal that follows key moments in the life of inventor Antoine Cartier-Wells, the man behind the creation of Sensen memory technology.

The beginning of the journal, which itself is made up of text, images, videos and audio clips, covers Antoine's youth in the mid-1980s and up to 2016. It then follows on to tell the story of the love of his life, and how his life and work are affected when she is seriously injured in an explosion.

"In 2084 this final barrier has been brought down by Memorize, a Paris based corporation, and their brain implant known as the Sensen," reads the introduction to the fictional journal.

"Through the Sensen, Memorize owns the most intimate and personal data of 99% of the population. Citizens are aware of Memorize's control but are willing to accept it because of the pleasure that memory sharing and deletion has to offer. However, there are a small number of activists who choose to fight against Memorize; they are known as the Errorists."

Remember Me hits Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on June 4.

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