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Sony title Dare to Fly listed by Australian ratings board

Sony may be publishing Dare to Fly, a game in development at India-based studio GameShastra, according to a ratings listing on the Australian Classification Board.

The title is unannounced and there is no official information on platforms and pricing. PlayStation Lifestyle suggests the game's alleged trophy set, leaked by Exophase, hints at a digital release for PlayStation 3.

The list includes a handful of bronze trophies, and one gold and silver. Trophies include tasks requiring players to "complete your first flight successfully," "flap 10,000 times," "fly two hours with Falcon King" and "get yourself killed by a shark."

GameShastra has previously published several titles for mobile and console, including D-Cube Planet and Tiger Trouble. The partner testimonials section of the company's website includes statements from Sony Corporation's Hiromitsu Aikawa and Ichiro Kubota, as well as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Jim Ryan — suggesting a working relationship.

Polygon has reached out to Sony and GameShasta for details and will update this story with more information as we have it.

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