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Star Wars: The Old Republic 2.1 trailer offers new customization with armor dyes, playable cat people

BioWare has released a new trailer for its 2.1 update of Star Wars: The Old Republic, a content patch based around player character customization.

The trailer shows the variety of new Dye Modules that players can use to paint their armor and uniforms to their desired color scheme, whether a more hardcore-looking red and black or a softer-seeming pink and white. Players will also be able to customize their characters' physical appearances in-game.

Update 2.1 also adds a new playable species, the catlike Cathar. This is not the first time Cathar have shown up in a BioWare game; Knights of the Old Republic optional party member Juhani was a Cathar.

Update 2.1 is now live.

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