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Monster Hunter beasts come alive in dramatic fan art from indie dev Pierre-Etienne Travers

Video game concept artist and indie developer Pierre-Etienne Travers has created fan-art of the monsters featured in Capcom's action adventure series, Monster Hunter.

Travers artistically captured the monsters Baroth, Rathalos and Rathian. Another piece, titled "Lost In Translation," depicts a hero conversing with some in-game characters and was the last of Travers' Monster Hunter fan-art.

"I hope all MH fans will enjoy it, and maybe push people to play this fantastic game sadly underestimated in Europe," he wrote in the piece's description.

All of Travers' Monster Hunter artwork was created in Photoshop and took him between one to two hours to complete, except for Lost In Translation which took 12 hours.

The Paris-based artist previously worked at Quantic Dream, Sony Liverpool and Evolution Studios. He is currently working on third-person aerial combat game, Strike Vector.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate launched March 19 on Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

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