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Phosphor Games-developed World War Z mobile game coming May 30

Chicago-based developer Phosphor Games and Paramount Digital Entertainment will release a World War Z first-person mobile game tie-in on May 30 for tablets and smartphones, according to IGN.

The first-person action game features touch controls, upgradable weapons and armor, 28 levels and puzzle-solving.

"We were excited to be able to use the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 3 to bring World War Z to life," Chip Sineni, Phosphor Games studio director said in a statement provided to IGN. "Our goal was to build Paramount a AAA game, and with that came all our favorite bells and whistles, like ambient occlusion lighting, multipass blended textures, and hordes of enemies to fight."

The World War Z film is an adaptation of Max Brooks' post-apocalyptic zombie novel published in 2006 titled World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. The film, starring Brad Pitt and directed by Marc Forster, is due to be released on June 21.

Earlier this month, Phosphor Games decided to end the private funding campaign for its open world action game Project Awakened. The developer told Polygon that the decision was due to a combination of the need to start new projects and insufficient contributors.

Watch the IGN-exclusive trailer above to see the World War Z game in action and check out the first five screens here.

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