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Remembering, a sound-driven exploration game, now available to download for free

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Remembering, an exploration game driven by sound, is now available to download for free for Windows PC and Mac from the game's official site.

Guided by music and audio cues, players must explore a pastel-colored environment, an "empty mysterious place is filled with sounds that invite you to use your own imagination."

"Inspired by games like Journey, Dear Esther and Proteus, we were looking for an experience that will lead players to the far corners of their own mind," Liselore Goedhart from Monobanda said in a statement.

Remembering was developed by sound studio SonicPicnic, Dutch designers Monobanda and In-Visuals. According to the developers, the game can be considered as a first chapter or a prelude to a larger experience. The current version of Remembering was released online so gamers can give feedback to the developers and help them "create an unforgettable game."

"We would love to create the full game, but first we need to find partners and investors," says Yorick Goldewijk from SonicPicnic.

The music score created by SonicPicnic was performed in March by the Ludwig Ensemble during the first ‘Indie Games Concert' held in Hilversum. The Remembering live concert piece is available to listen to on Sound Cloud.

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