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Wargaming to commemorate 15th anniversary with World of Tanks tournament

Developer Wargaming will commemorate its 15th anniversary by hosting a special tournament for its free-to-play MMO World of Tanks, the company announced today.

Wargaming will host qualifying rounds across the globe, with major matches taking place across North America, Europe, Russia, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Vietnam and China. Second and third place winners will score "massive" caches of in-game gold for use in World of Tanks. The winning teams from each region will receive all-expenses paid trips to Minsk, Belarus to visit the World of Tanks studio and meet the development team.

Tournament rounds will kick off later this month, with teams of seven battling it out against each other. The finals will take place at the end of June.

"This is a great opportunity for teams around the globe to take on their peers and prove they have what it takes to really be the best at World of Tanks," Wargaming eSports lead Alexey Kuznetsov said in a statement. "We're extremely excited to welcome the winnings teams to Belarus and give them a closer look at how their favorite game is made."

More information on specific dates for the tournaments are forthcoming, and we've reach out to Wargaming for details.

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