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Developer King to release Facebook title Pet Rescue Saga for mobile this summer

Candy Crush Saga developer King will launch its popular Facebook game Pet Rescue Saga for iOS and Android this summer, the company announced this morning.

Pet Rescue Saga tasks players with rescuing more than 10 small animals in need of assistance escaping block puzzles. Players can use special boosters to clear blocks, both individually and columns at a time, to maneuver their pets to safety and onto the next level.

The mobile version of Pet Rescue Saga will incude more than 72 levels and cross-play compatibility between the Facebook and mobile versions. Online leaderboards, scores and progress can also be saved across all devices.

According to a press statement from King, Pet Rescue Saga ia the third largest game on Facebook, boasting more than 6 million daily players. Candy Crush Saga has also seen high activity on mobile, with players participating in 500 million gameplays each day.

King also announced the company's games see 70 million daily players and 21 billion gameplays per month across both mobile and Facebook. Three of its titles are currently part of the social network's top 10 games: Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Heroes Saga.

"Pet Rescue Saga's fun puzzle challenges have proven to be extremely popular since its release in October," said CEO and co-founder Riccardo Zacconi in the statement. "The game quickly became one of the most prevalent games on Facebook and is one we are confident will translate well to mobile."