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Crysis 3 upcoming multiplayer DLC hinted at by achievements list

Crysis 3 may be receiving add-on multiplayer content in the near future, according to an purported list of achievements posted on Xbox 360 Achievements.

According to the site, the DLC will include ten achievements spanning various multiplayer modes for a total of 250 Gamerscore. Names are given for what are likely four new maps: Coastline, Creek, Crossing and Ascent.

The listing also hints at two possible multiplayer modes. Frenzy will incude some kind of score limit, while Team Possession makes mention of a flag, hinting at a possible variant of classic Capture the Flag.

The achievement "Totally Oarsome" is listed as getting killed by a boat oar, alluding to the item being added as a new weapon.

We have reached out to publisher Electronic Arts and developer Crytek for more information, and will report new details as we receive them.

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