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Broken NES revived with Raspberry Pi and emulators

Reddit user JBaker1225 made the most of his broken Nintendo Entertainment System, using a Raspberry Pi mini computer board to transform it into a game emulator ready for the living room.

In a thread on Reddit's gaming forum, JBaker noted that he followed this "Super Nintendo Pi" tutorial when constructing his system. After gutting the console, he created a framework to hold the Pi board in place using Gorilla Glue and several Lego blocks. To make turning the Pi on and off easier, he wired a circuit that would activate the Pi through the NES's buttons.

Using a dremel, he expanded the ports on the back of the NES and added adapters for Ethernet, HDMI and USB cords, then modified the NES controller ports to accomodate USB plugs.

Upon completion, JBaker was able to load up his "new" system with emulators and ROMs for NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance, Genesis and Atari 2600 games. He notes on Reddit that he has had no problems running the programs on the Pi, and the "emulation is pretty solid."

For a look at some in-progress photos of his work, check out the creator's Imgur page.

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