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Blizzard devs talk Diablo 3's PS4 potential with Sony

The newest installment of Sony's "Conversations with Creators" series has Blizzard's Diablo 3 team discussing how they're changing the hack-and-slash action RPG for its release on Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4.

"At Blizzard, our heritage was actually console games," says Diablo 3 production director John Hight. "Obviously, we've been away for a while, so we had a little bit to learn." Of all of Blizzard's franchises, Diablo made the most sense by far to bring to consoles.

Part of the Diablo experience is giving the player a connection with the character, says lead console designer Josh Mosqueira, but Blizzard had to be mindful that console players sit much further back from the television than PC gamers do their computer monitors. Console gamers also have different expectations for controls and the flow of the game than their PC-using counterparts, meaning a straight port of the game obviously wouldn't work.

For more on how Blizzard is adapting Diablo 3 for release on PS3 and PS4, check out Polygon's PAX East preview.

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