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Shadow of the Eternals' purchased art assets were 'significantly altered' for CryEngine 3

The art assets Precursor Games purchased from Silicon Knights for use in Shadow of the Eternals have been "significantly altered" to work in CryEngine 3, a representative from Precursor told GameInformer.

Precursor, which was formed by a core group of former Silicon Knights employees including Denis Dyack, is raising funds to develop Shadow of the Enternals, a spiritual successor to Silicon Knights' Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Last year, the studio purchased property from Silicon Knights, including desks, chairs, computers and art assets.

"Any used assets had to be significantly altered to work in the [sic] CryEngine 3," the representative told GameInformer. "Over the course of a year, Precursor Games created a large of [sic] amount of original content for this demo you see running on the awesome CryEngine 3."

Polygon reported last week that the sale brought the attention of Epic Games attorneys, who filed legal motions last year to ensure that Silicon Knights' computers were wiped clean before they were sold.

Precursor is raising funds for Shadow of the Eternals both through its own website and a recently launched Kickstarter campaign. If funded, it's expected to ship for PC and Wii U in 2014. For more on the game, you can watch a 9-minute gameplay trailer.

Correction: An earlier version of this post attributed this response to Silicon Knights' Mike Mays. We have corrected and apologize for the error.

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