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Riot explains new custom item builds and character rebalances in League of Legends patch 3.7

Riot Games released a new patch preview video explaining the changes in its new League of Legends update.

A new feature coming in League of Legends' Patch 3.7 has been long-desired by the game's community: the ability to add custom "recommended item" builds for different characters. Riot is giving players the ability to create their own item sets in the game's launcher that they can associate with one or many different champions or circumstances. Previously, players who wanted to deviate from Riot's standard recommended items or who were following a third-party build for a new champion would have had to manually find the items in the shop. On Reddit, a Riot developer said the team was working on a feature to allow players to easily share their custom item builds with one another.

Patch 3.7 also offers a number of balance changes for the game's hundred-plus champions, and the video discusses three in particular. Long-ranged sniper Caitlyn is having her attack speed reduced and will no longer be able to stack charges of her "Headshot" ability — which guarantees a more powerful strike after eight basic attacks — by attacking stationary turrets. This is designed to reduce her early game dominance at pushing her lane and destroying the enemy tower with little chance of reprisal.

Similarly, Twisted Fate is being changed to have a longer cooldown on his ultimate ability "Destiny," which allows him to freely teleport to another point on the map. Twisted Fate has been dominant in high-level competitive play with his ability to suddenly add another combatant to battles around the map, and a longer early-game cooldown on "Destiny" should bring his global map presence more in line with other champions that possess global abilities, says Riot.

Patch 3.7 is currently live on North American servers.

[Update: A previously published version of this story referred to this as patch 1.7. We regret the error. Also, the video appears to have been removed, we will update the post with a working version when the situation is resolved.]

[Update: The video has been re-uploaded and is now working.]