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Sims 3: Island Paradise trailer is an almost-epic story of houseboats and shark attacks

A trailer out from EA highlights The Sims 3 producer Graham Nardone's group of Sims and their island adventures in the Island Paradise expansion pack.

After building a houseboat that looks abysmally unseaworthy, Nardone must staff it with a crew of Sims before it can sail the waters of Isla Paradiso. Local twins Claire and Jacques head aboard to snorkel and explore, the nerdy Liam O'Dourke becomes captain, the seasick Olivia longs for a land-bound resort and old salt Elmo takes care of the ship's upkeep.

After a shark attack during a scuba dive results in one twin dead and the other discovering a new and uncharted island, the Sims use the island to found and operate a new resort. In Island Paradise, players who opt to develop a resort take on the role of business owners instead of mere life-managers. Prices must be set, staff must be hired and properly outfitted, and hot tubs must be maintained.

Island Paradise is scheduled for a Mac and Windows release on June 25.

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